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With Meral Alma in the urban jungle

The young artist has just completed her studies at the Academy of Arts Düsseldorf. But she already is well known to the collectors. By Bertram Müller When Meral Alma paints, she gives her heart and soul. You can find her on scaffolding to fill three-meter-high canvases, or she uses her hands to bring paint on…

Open Doors: Round Tour at the Academy of Art Düsseldorf

Keyvisual by Meral Almas “Queen, approx. 160x210cm, acrylic on glass. 2018“ being the model for the round tour at the Academy of Art Düsseldorf.

Sharp Thinking, Beautiful Painting

A revealing exhibition at the university shows "examples of symbiotic relationships". This opens up perspectives on how arts and research in the 21st century can learn from each other. The work "Ratinger Straße / Urban Life" (2.20 x 6.40 meters, acrylic on canvas) was made by the former Academy student Meral Alma.

The Spirit of Mother EY Resurges

For the first time two artists will perform at the “Mutter Ey-Café”.

Academic Graduate Makes Art for Mother EY

(…) Among other things, Meral Alma shows her work “Ratinger Straße/ urban life” colorful and garish, a kaleidoscope between wild life, drinking and love dramas. Almost in contrast to this, her glass work is reminiscent of an introverted, exquisitely beautiful queen. HA Schult says: “A tough, young woman, an artist, the world has not seen…

When Hinkel Swings the Hammer: “EY ♥ DÜSSELDORF”

At this time of the year, Josef Hinkel is not only to be found in his bakery but also around celebrating carnival. But on Sunday, he put on his suit and he swung the golden auction hammer at the New Year's auction of art designed by students and graduates of the Academy of Art Düsseldorf.…

Cancer Foundation Benefits From Art Sale

36 students and graduates of the Academy created paintings for the New Year's auction. The picture of the artist Meral Alma ["Untitled"] achieved the highest price of the auction this day.

Artist from Hochneukirch Designes Art Car for BMW

For the very first time Meral Alma does not only design paintings on canvas or other art work, but also on an object with four wheels.

Round Tour at the Academy of Art

Since 1970, every year at the end of the winter semester, the round tour at the Academy of Art Düsseldorf takes place. Numerous students show their own personal theses. In addition to video and room installations, there are a lot of paintings to see. This week it is time again.

Between Science and Art

Anyone who thinks of Leonardo da Vinci will immediately have the creator of famous paintings, such as the Mona Lisa, on his mind. But Da Vinci was not just an artist - he was also a scientist: a physician, an engineer, an architect. What is strictly separated from each other, some people unite in one…

Commerzbank in Neuss Shows Heart and Art for Unicef

By the way, those who currently pursue their money transactions in the building of the Commerzbank on the market will meet world-class art, which you presumably suspect in a museum, but not in a customer hall: works by Tony Cragg, Günter Uecker, Rita McBride, Qui Yang or Urs Lüthi. In every sense the Commerzbank will…

Female Students Arrange After-Work Party

At some point when - as so often at night - she still was working on one of her large-format, colorful, figurative paintings in her studio, in room 104 of the Academy of Arts in the Eiskellerstrasse, alone amidst buckets and brushes on, she came up with the idea of arranging an Internet portal of…

Meral Alma Paints with Children and Shows Her More than Six Meters High Art Work

The artist Meral Alma, who grew up in Hochneukirch, now follows very big shoes and exhibits her art work where well-known artists like Christo, Penk, Uecker, Beuys, Immendorf and Morgenstern have stopped off. Her exhibition "Stadtleben", with her biggest work in oil and acrylic, started now in the Städtische Galerie in the children's playhouse Düsseldorf.…

Art Day for Young Painters

At this event with the artist Meral Alma, the kids could give free rein to their creativity.

Fresh Colors Add a Touch of Spring

Until 3rd April the Städtische Galerie presents the art works made by the young artists of the Academy of Art Düsseldorf

Bright Colors in the Townhall of Büttgen

4 artists from the Academy of Arts Düsseldorf are presenting their art works in an exhibition.

Arty Hearts for Unicef: Exhibition in the Main Branch of the Commerzbank

Arty Hearts for Unicef: Exhibition in the Main Branch of the Commerzbank

The WDR at the Studio: Artist Meral Alma from Düsseldorf

At the turn of the year Mr. Dr. Biesler for the cultural program (Scala) of the WDR 5 visited me at the studio. Enjoy listening.

Artist from Jüchen Won Art Prize Two Times in a Row

The young artist Meral Alma from Hochneukirch is riding on the wave of success. On Thursday, she will receive the promotional award of the international company Mercuri Urval in Düsseldorf for the second time.

Traces of Time Captured with the Camera

Portraits designed also by an artist from Düsseldorf with Turkish roots: Meral Alma. The art work shows colorful heads in mixed media that combine painterly-pasty access with contour-conscious graphic style. The captured expression of the depicted faces is serious, masklike, even threatening. Raw-art structures reminiscent of the painting style of a Jean Dubuffet.

Mercuri-Urval Scholarship: Meral Alma ist Awardee of the Consulting Company Mercuri Urval

She studied at the Art Academy Düsseldorf in the class of Prof. Siegfried Anzinger and was selected for the scholarship during the round tour in 2015.

On the Trail of Urban Life

The artist Meral Alma focuses on figures and their stories. Her exhibition “Blickfelder” will be opened in the "werkstatt".

Symbol of Charity: 23 Artists Presenting their Hearts for Unicef

The heart as a symbol of charity and puts the spotlight on an exhibition presented in the Commerzbank Aachen located Theaterstraße 21: at this exhibition 23 international artists from 23 nations show heart for Unicef.

One Heart, Many Themes: Unicef Exhibition in Hilden

A special exhibition is presented at Commerzbank in the Mittelstraße 52: Hearts made of spruce wood, designed by famous artists from all over the world. After touring through Germany, the unique art works can be auctioned and the proceeds will benefit the children's charity Unicef.

Hilden Presents Art Hearts for Unicef

23 artists from all around the world have designed a heart made of wood. This exhibition can be visited in all big cities of Germany (2016).

Hilden Presents Art Hearts for a Children’s Fund

23 artists all around the world have designed a wooden art made of woolly wort. This exhibition will stop in all big cities of Germany.

World Press Reports Dated June 26th, 2016

Under the headline “For poor children” the Deutsche Welle reports that artists from 23 countries participated in the "A Heart for UNICEF" relief campaign with a heart drawing. Amongst the artists: the Turkish painting artist Meral Alma, who lives in Germany.

This is the Heart for Unicef from Jüchen

Meral Alma from Hochneukirch belongs to the 23 international artists, who have designed “A HEART FOR UNICEF”. The exhibition in Düsseldorf also presents hearts designed by Günther Uecker or Tony Cragg. All hearts will be sold by auction.

Meral Alma

Meral Alma was born on a sunny day in August. She holds a master's degree in German and Sociology from Heinrich Heine University. Since 2010, Meral Alma is studying painting at the Academy of Arts Düsseldorf. Since 2012 she also is a PhD student at the Faculty of Philosophy of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

Artist from Hochneukirch Paints for the KÖ Arch

The awardee Meral Alma arranges an exhibition in the Düsseldorf Airport City.

Meral Alma and Fabrizius2 in a Live Interview Talking About the Current Exhibition

Meral Alma and the Fabrizius Twins talking about the round tour at the Academy of Arts in 2014 and their exhibition “Perspektivwechsel”

Artist from Jüchen Presents Her Art Work at the Academy of Arts

Meral Alma from Hochneukirch presents five art works during the round tour at the Academy of Arts Düsseldorf. About 40,000 visitors are expected. Until February 23, she also participates in a group exhibition near the Academy.

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