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Studied Fine Art at the Academy of Art Düsseldorf from 2010 to 2018. Since 2012 PhD candidate at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf in the field of German philology / Philosophy. Award of the Academy of Art Düsseldorf in 2014/2015 and 2015/2016. In 2015 selected to design a heart for UNICEF for their project „23 International Artists designing a Heart for UNICEF”. 2017 master student of Prof. Siegried Anzinger. 2018 graduation with certificate. Participation in more than 30 individual and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad in the last 3 years.

Her work “Circus of Life”, which has so far consisted of four acts, was recognized throughout Germany.

Since 2021 an artwork has been permanently installed – as the first woman ever – in a lecture hall at Heinrich Heine University – in honor of the pioneer Prof. Dr. Selma Meyer.

Prize for Visual Art 2021. For the first time in its 89-year history, Europe’s biggest cultural and local association ‘Düsseldorfer Jonges’ distinguished a female artist with its Prize for Visual Art, which was e.g. awarded four years ago t0 Tony Cragg, former chair of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.


Master in German Studies and Sociology from Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
PhD candidate Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
Master Student Prof. Siegfried Anzinger
Completed study „Freie Kunst“ Düsseldorf Art Academy (Kunstakademie Düsseldorf)

06–08/2008 Harvard University Summer School, Cambridge, USA
09/2008–07/2009 Observer at the Düsseldorf Art Academy under Braun
09/2010–02/2018 Studying at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, Class Prof. Siegfried Anzinger

Particularities / Awards

2014/2015 Award of the Academy of Art Düsseldorf and Mercuri Urval
2015/2016 Award of the Academy of Art Düsseldorf and Mercuri Urval (Again awardee of the sponsorship, which will be awarded to one student of the Academy of Art Düsseldorf)
2014–2016 23 international artists design A HEART FOR UNICEF, designed the heart for Turkey under the patronage of the consulate
2017 BMW Mini painted by Meral Alma
2017 Master student of Prof. Siegfried Anzinger
2021 Prize for Visual Art

Exhibitions since 2014 (Selection)

02/2014 Solo exhibition Change of Perspectives with Fabrizius2
05/2014 Museum K20/art collection NRW: EuY /Christie’s Auction „Junge Kunst Düsseldorf“: exhibition of an artwork with following auction
05/2014 Group exhibition ARTLOFT09/2014 Benefit Gala 25 years of Wünsch Dir Was: exhibition of an artwork with following auction
10/2014 Solo exhibition at CONZEN, Düsseldorf
11/2014–10/2015 Solo exhibition with approx. 40 artworks at Mercuri Urval within the frame of the sponsorship 2014/15
01/2015 Participation at the New Year auction in the town hall of Düsseldorf
02/2015 Solo exhibition „Gesichtspunkte der Figuration“, in the studio gallery, Ratinger Str., Düsseldorf
04/2015 EuY/Christie’s Auction „Junge Kunst Düsseldorf“: exhibition of one artwork with following auction, Düsseldorf
04/2015 Group auction, Sotheby’s International Realty & CasanovArt, Düsseldorf
04/2015 Exhibition „ALMA & AUTH“ in the gallery premises of the studio, Ratinger Str., Düsseldorf
05/2015–11/2016 Participation at the exhibition „23 international hearts for UNICEF“, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart, Nurnberg, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin
08/2015 Exhibition by Nils Bleibtreu and Meral Alma within the frame of the 25th anniversary of the international law office Beiten Burkhardt, Düsseldorf
09–11/2015 Solo exhibition „Blickfelder“ (Werkstatt) at the workshop, Gelsenkirchen
10/2015 Participation at the exhibition of the foundation „Kleine Kunstdialog West/Ost“, Düsseldorf
10/2015 Participation at the group exhibition Hogan Lovells
11/2015 Group exhibition, Galerie Noack, Mönchengladbach
11/2015–12/2016 Solo exhibition (annual exhibition) in the frame of the sponsorship by Mercuri Urval, Düsseldorf
01/2016 Participation at the New Year auction in the town hall of Düsseldorf with one artwork
01–02/2016 Group exhibition „Worlds of color, shapes and figuration“, studio gallery, Rathinger Str., Düsseldorf
03/2016 Group exhibition „young artists of the Academy of Art Düsseldorf“, Municipal gallery Kaarst, Kaarst
06/2016 Solo exhibition „City life“, Municipal gallery Düsseldorf
06/2016 Group exhibition „Begegnungen“, Galerie Noack, Mönchengladbach
10/2016 Participation, art fair, Paris, France
11/2016 Exhibition and charity auction, 23 hearts of international artists for UNICEF, Düsseldorf
11/2016 Exhibition „Between science and art“: Group exhibition with Prof. Karl Otto Götz, Prof. Rissa, Meral Alma, Prof. Alexander Becker, Prof. Irene Daum, Prof. Markus Schrenk and Prof. Peter Tepe, Düsseldorf
02/2017 Participation at the Düsseldorf New Year Auction
02/2017 Solo exhibition „Rebel and freedom“, KAG, Düsseldorf
02/2017 Exposure of a BMW Mini created by Meral Alma at the Art Academy Düsseldorf
03/2017 Group exhibition „Die Sprache der Frauen“ Galerie Noack, Mönchengladbach
09/2017 Event „Society, rebel and freedom“ Königsallee/ Kö-Lauf, Düsseldorf
09/2017 Solo exhibition „Meral Alma“ Versandhalle Stadtparkinsel, Grevenbroich
11/2017–01/2018 Group exhibition „Science and Art – examples of symbiotic relations“ House of the University, Düsseldorf
02/2018 Final exhibion „Zirkus des Lebens – Verwandlung“, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and Kunstakademie.gallery, Düsseldorf
03/2018 Group exhibition, Mutter EY Galerie, Düsseldorf
03/2018 Solo exhibition „Malerei Meral Alma“, Haus Spiess, Kultur GmbH der Stadt Erkelenz, Erkelenz
01/2019 Work exhibition on the urban development of the community of Jüchen, Haus Katz, Jüchen
02/2019 Solo exhibition Meral Alma “URBAN JUNGLE”, Düsseldorf
02/2019 - 03/2019 Group exhibition “Planet 58”, Museum K21/Art collection of North Rhine-Westphalia
02/2020 “Room- and Lightning event”, studio, Düsseldorf
since 10/2020 Circus of Life (IV), Permanent installation, Bahnhofplatz Süd - United Internet, Karlsruhe
since 02/2021 Queen, Permanent installation at HHU, Düsseldorf
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