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Never Look Away (German: Werk ohne Autor, lit. ‘Work Without Author’)

It`s the middle of the night and I am slowly cleaning up my atelier as
suddenly a crew member of „Werk ohne Autor“, which is being filmed in and around the art academy here in Duesseldorf, is standing there,
asking me about my art. As it later turns out, he is Quirin Berg, the production manager of „Werk ohne Autor“ which is nominated for an Oskar in 2019 and has won several national prizes. We start talking about this, that and the other thing and I agree to accept the table that was used as a requisite for Florian Henkel von Donnersmarks new movie. Florian Henkel von Donnersmark already won an Oskar for „Das Leben der Anderen“, a movie that was released in 2006.

„Werk ohne Autor“ deals with the story of an aspiring artist and is based in parts on the German artist Georg Richters life. A few phone calls, many helping hands and several laughs later the huge 3,80m x 1,5m and 150kg table covered in about 10cm long nails, that artists from Berlin created based on Günther Ueckers art, is standing in my basement – ready to tell its story.

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